• The Watchdog

    Estrela Mountain Dog, placid and calm but fearlessly protective of her family

  • Feeding Chickens

    One chicken distracted while the other tucks into breakfast

  • Tring Park Young Bull

    Young bulls roaming in Tring Park are very inquisitive and occasionally intimidating if they start to follow you as a herd but they mean absolutely no harm and are just curious and friendly.

  • Muddy Walk

    A typical miserable wet and muddy winters day.

  • Two Friendly Donkeys

    Whenever I walked through a nearby field, I always enjoyed spending time stroking these two adorable donkeys. They were inquisitive and friendly and never far away from each other.

  • My Beautiful Soulful Girl

    Loyal, calm and protective. The Estrela Mountain Dog from the Estrela Mountains in Portugal.

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