• The Watchdog

    Estrela Mountain Dog, placid and calm but fearlessly protective of her family

  • Feeding Chickens

    One chicken distracted while the other tucks into breakfast

  • Tring Park Young Bull

    Young bulls roaming in Tring Park are very inquisitive and occasionally intimidating if they start to follow you as a herd but they mean absolutely no harm and are just curious and friendly. Even now when I walk by, if they start following and I can hear the increasing volume of hooves gaining ground on me my heart sometimes misses a beat but if I stop then they stop too and just stand and watch. I took this photo from behind the safety of a closed gate at which point they all came up and I got the occasional lick from a hairbrush tongue.

  • Muddy Walk

    A typical miserable wet and muddy winters day.

  • Two Friendly Donkeys

    Whenever I walked through a nearby field, I always enjoyed spending time stroking these two adorable donkeys. They were inquisitive and friendly and never far away from each other.

  • Face Of Concern

    Loyal and calm. The wonderful breed of Estrela Mountain Dog from the Estrela Mountains in Portugal where they are known as the Serra Da Estrela. I love the very expressive face of my dog who has a very caring and sweet nature to those she sees as her friends and family and true to her breed instincts she will protect her family at all costs from anyone or thing she perceives as a threat.

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