• Angel Wings

    Black and white image of a stone angel in a graveyard near the Tardebigge Locks

  • Watching The Sunset

    A calm relaxing evening by the sea watching the sun go down.

  • The Old Train To Krakow

    Communist era train with a hole in the floor for a toilet yet they run reliably and to schedule unlike their modern equivalents.

  • Sunset At Stoer Lighthouse

    A solitary fishing vessel passes the Stoer Lighthouse on the North West coast of Scotland

  • A Walk In The Woods

    Mature trees with deep sprawling exposed roots can be found in Wendover Woods which lies next to the ancient long distance trail called the Ridgeway

  • Estrela Mountain Dog On A Misty Morning Walk

    Atmospheric moody scene on a winter misty morning with my dog gazing through the wire fence

  • Fossil Fuels Fading Into The Past

    With the rapid introduction of electric vehicles and technological advances, will fossil fuels and their infrastructure slowly be consigned to history?

  • Moine House, Scotland

    A remote derelict house on the hauntingly quiet and isolated area on the North Coast of Scotland

  • Tewkesbury Taxi

    An old London Taxi parked in Tewkesbury with a derelict industrial building in the background.

  • The Commando Memorial, Scotland

    The Commando Memorial in Lochaber near Spean Bridge, Scotland.

  • Applecross Pass, Scotland

    A treacherous road pass through mountainous terrain showing the raw rugged beauty of North West Scotland

  • My Beautiful Soulful Girl

    Loyal, calm and protective. The Estrela Mountain Dog from the Estrela Mountains in Portugal.

  • Tring Park Young Bull

    Young bulls roaming in Tring Park are very inquisitive and occasionally intimidating if they start to follow you as a herd but they mean absolutely no harm and are just curious and friendly.

  • Llangollen Railway Station

    A step back in time on this old diesel train and vintage station.

  • Iron Man And His Dog

    This image has a powerful meaning to me.

  • 421YUJ American Classic Car

    2019 Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally held at Weedon Park, Weedon Hill, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

  • The Shadow Man

    High contrast image of a man having a drink in a bar on a sunny day

  • Lockerbie Air Disaster Memorial

    Lockerbie Memorial Garden in remembrance of all those who died on Pan-Am Flight 103 on 21st December 1988

  • St Peter & St Pauls Church

    Medieval church in the heart of Tring. This view is from the High Street along a path through old grave stones leading to the main entrance.

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