• Estrela Mountain Dog On A Misty Morning Walk

    Atmospheric moody scene on a winter misty morning with my dog gazing through the wire fence

  • Esso Fuel Tanker

    Apparently abandoned in some woodland. This old Esso fuel tanker / trailer has seen better years.

  • A Walk In The Woods

    Huge trees with deep sprawling exposed roots can be found in Wendover Woods which lies next to the ancient long distance trail called the Ridgeway

  • Shakespeare's Hamlet

    Statue in Stratford Upon Avon

  • Face Of Concern

    Loyal and calm. The wonderful breed of Estrela Mountain Dog from the Estrela Mountains in Portugal where they are known as the Serra Da Estrela. I love the very expressive face of my dog who has a very caring and sweet nature to those she sees as her friends and family and true to her breed instincts she will protect her family at all costs from anyone or thing she perceives as a threat.

  • Vintage Machinery In A Woodland

    No obvious purpose of this old woodland find in the Chiltern Hills. I often find myself trying to work out what these remnants of the past could have been used for but with this one I drew a blank.

About Me & My Photos

I am a British photographer, artist, writer and musician specialising in black and white photography using premium quality Leica cameras and lenses. In recent years I have put my heart and soul into building my portfolio, website and publishing my images, turning what was once a part time hobby into my main focus in life. All prints ordered through my website are processed by a commercial photo lab with over 50 years experience serving photography professionals and delivering superb quality products to customers worldwide.

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